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Every fan is a superfan

Breakthrough Tech

We use image-recognition and proprietary machine learning to identify the player and display their results.
It is real-time, reliable, and faster than a Google search.

The Big Picture

Instead of clunky apps or distracting searches, you can take a picture and never lose track of the game.

So, Why Now?

This is potentially the most important question. Its what makes Myspace different than Facebook. It's why Slack is a $4 billion company. Its why Instagram would have failed before the iPhone. Hilite is leveraging three leading-edge technologies: advancements in deep learning, smartphone camera and GPU hardware, and software development kits that support augmented reality.
More importantly, these are converging on a market opportunity that did not exist one year ago: users are now accustomed to augmented reality—Snapchat filters are fun and easy and using your phone's camera as a ruler is cool, not clunky.
That's why Hilite is launching now. 

Have we got your attention?

Machine Learning
Augmented Reality

Converge to make every fan, a superfan.

A duo to keep your eye on

Kate and Agustin have been kicking ass and taking names in digital advertising. All three have experience helping early start-ups cross the chasm. After having this idea in November 2017, they got to work. Now they are preparing for their beta launch (and world domination).

To join the beta program, sign up here. Space is limited for the initial launch.

team [at]

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